Apero Latitude version L2.20.09 released


Highlights for release L2.20.09 include:

• B/M: Ability to create AUTOBOM link for existing BOM orders and S/O lines – page 29
• D/M: Auto Generate of Stock Transfers for Special Order Products – page 34
• P/O: Kit product support in purchase order entry – page 41
• S/O: Excel Load of RMA documents & RMA-ID – page 56
• S/O: Up-sell reason functionality in sales order entry – page 59
• S/O: Stage Information for Pick / Pack documents – page 62
• S/O: Default Priority and sales team for picks based on carrier – page 63
• S/W: Option to copy S/W Lines to S/O transfer Orders – page 80
• S/W: Copy option from S/O quotes to S/W quote – page 80
• Latitude Engage – Landing page banner notifications – page 88
• Integration for the mobile application PickXpress


Download the release notes from the Members Area

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