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It is important to know that when you choose Latitude ERP and Pinpoint WMS, you’re choosing products that will support your operations today and into the future.

Distributors and manufacturers of all sizes have unique needs and face many of the same challenges. Apero Solutions provides products with the tools and functionality to meet common business requirements. They’re built with the flexibility to support your unique business needs.

We deliver a complete operations and financial platform that provides access to the data you need to execute operations and make decisions quickly and efficiently. We do this to help you deliver exceptional customer service.

It’s your business. Take charge!


Distribution and Manufacturing

Distribution and manufacturing industries consist of a variety of businesses that function in different ways. This includes detailed supply chain execution, lean inventory, and maintaining a complete quote-to-cash cycle for costs.

Here are a few of the specific industries that can benefit from Apero Solutions ERP & WMS.

Food and Beverage, Paper, Chemical

From managing raw materials through production to sales and distribution, Apero Solutions ERP & WMS has you covered.

Specifications, quality, and traceability are crucial for food and beverage ERPs. An ERP should provide you better visibility of supplies being received, products reaching the consumer endpoints, and should show you the inventory you require to meet consumer demands. Improve your overall efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement and the true costs of your business processes.

Food – Beverage – Books – Chemical – Paper

With the advent of the online shopping, clothing manufacturers need an ERP that can support them outside the brick-and-mortar storefront. This will support supply chain operations that lead directly to customers and retail locations. To respond to changing trends and quick delivery expectations, Apero’s Latitude ERP will support quick order to shipment and provide real-time visibility of inventory and orders.

Pet – Retail &Commercial – Sport – Industrial Workwear

ERP is a critical tool in this industry. It facilitates supply scheduling, revenue, documentation, and inventory — all while reducing time-to-market for products. These products often involve lot and serial number tracking to ensure they meet quality, cost, and environmental goals.

Latitude ERP supports today’s global markets for suppliers, branches, and customers. Features such as multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-location, multi-company/entity, local and international tax, and many others allow for true Enterprise Resource Planning.

Electronics – Hardwood – Flooring – Pipe - Hardware

In this type of distribution, product handling is a key area of focus. Because these distribution companies have many products to manage, Latitude ERP has built-in barcodes, SKUs, kits, and tools for cross-referencing, such as synonyms and attributes, to help with the overall inventory, order processing, picking, and product delivery.

Other major focuses in this industry are sales orders, invoicing, and AR/AP. Whether in the showroom or in a warehouse, Latitude ERP offers the ability to process individual or bulk orders in ways that meet your specific needs.

Plumbing – HVAC – Lighting - Heating

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