Today’s businesses are faced with the pressures of reducing operating costs while increasing reliability, flexibility and sustainability.   At the same time, managing mission-critical systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requires skilled resources to configure, upgrade, maintain and support in a timely manner.  It is a key responsibility of the business to allocate the appropriate resources to ensure the company’s essential business operations are performing at an optimal level.


Apero Solutions Hosting Services

Apero’s unique and specialized skill set is tailored to meet the demands our customers face daily.  To maximize the benefits of increased stability and scalability, enhanced performance and reduced long-term cost of operations, Apero can properly configure and maintain the infrastructure required for today’s ERP.

A significant portion of system downtime is avoidable, and its causes are often predictable.  If a System Administrator can measure how a service is performing and become aware when the performance begins to drop below an acceptable level, there is an opportunity to make the necessary corrections before the users are affected.  Fixing it right the first time is always the desired goal. This is best achieved with a team of experienced people and a deep understanding of the systems involved.

Implementing ERP Hosting by Apero Solutions will increase efficiency and allow you to take advantage of our proven processes and methodologies, while reducing your operational costs.


What We Offer:

  • A secure hosted environment that best suits your needs
  • Support, skilled resources, service and management to eliminate risks, operational expense, allowing you to focus on your core business


The Benefits Include:

  • A fully managed service that allows you to focus on your core business objectives and activities
  • Quick implementation
  • An OpEx model that eliminates large capital outlays and lowers ongoing operating costs
  • Increased operational flexibility and agility, moving from a fixed to a consumption-based usage model
  • Lower personnel resource and training costs
  • Greater business agility in responding to requests for ERP services
  • Improved ability to meet legal, regulatory and other compliance obligations
  • Improved disaster recovery planning

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